10 Best Cheap Skateboards

10 Best Cheap Skateboards

Today we have plenty of skateboards at our disposal. The only problem is which of these are the best skateboards, along with cheap skateboards that meet our needs perfectly. While you may be wondering that a best skateboard and a cheap skateboard do not belong together. Well, we are here to tell you differently, having compiled a list to help you out.

The reason behind comparing the best skateboards with cheap skateboards is to arrive at an opinion about the boards that deliver some of the best performance and value.

As a result, we have not only dived into the best skateboard brands that are the most popular, but also the brands that are not well known on the skate scene. Some of these brands deliver amazing value and come out on top when it comes to delivering great performance under a budget.

The true aim is to, therefore, not only focus on pushing a cheap skateboard or the best skateboard but boards that deliver the best value along with a great price range.

In addition to the best and cheap skateboards, we also have sorted some of these boards by category. Let’s discuss these before we dive any further.

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Best skateboard for beginners

Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

Build7-ply Maple
Deck31.2″ x 7.75″
Wheels 99A (52mm)


  • The deck is made from Canadian maple which is durable and resilient. This means that you can skate without worrying over your breaking your skateboard.
  • Moreover, 99A (52mm) Soft wheels offer a smooth skateboarding experience. Whether going up the ramps at a skate park or just casually on the street while having a good balance of grip and speed.
  • Lastly, this board arrives pre-assembled so you don’t have to worry about setting up the skateboard.


  • Don’t be surprised if you cannot clear large gaps with this one. The trucks made are not meant to go downstairs and won’t give you that extra boost you need when clearing large gaps. So as they say, “Mind the gap.”

Enjoi is what you should choose if you are looking for the best skateboard for beginners. Unlike most skateboard brands the vinyl on board won’t make you destroy the world vibes but is rather simple: a panda (and pandas don’t destroy the world, believe me on that one). The one we recommend has a deck that is 7.75 inches wide. This makes it easier for you to grip and control, which is important if you are a beginner.

Moreover, the deck is made from Canadian maple which makes the skateboard extra light and tough to break. That means you can practice your initial techniques such as standing on the board, whether you have a goofy or regular stance, the lift-off as well as turning without worrying about breaking your skateboard.

Trucks contain pure aluminum and are lightweight. This makes the skateboard easy to move around. It also helps you when you are learning to turn the skateboard or land those tight corners. Further, when you are learning to do tricks, you get that extra air with lighter trucks offered by Enjoi.

The skateboard has 99A (52mm) wheels so whether you are skateboarding on the street or in skate parks you will have nice speed and grip. These wheels are also great for beginners skateboarding in the streets, skate parks, pools, and ramps.

In addition to the semi-hard wheels, Enjoi Whitey Panda offers amphetamine bearings ABEC 5. These (amp bearings) offer great durability and speed. Not only that, these are strong and resilient enough to help you cruise as well as carve along your path. This combined with synthetic oil and Delrin Crowns allows for a smooth glide when riding your skateboard.

You can also clean the bearings of the skateboard by removing the rubber shields on the wheels of the board.

All this combines to make this skateboard one of the best skateboards for beginners. This is a board that you can grow with as it is not only for beginners but you can also replace the parts and customize the skateboard to suit your needs once you have figured them out.

So, we can say this skateboard works as both; a training wheel and a pro tool. Plus it’s also a cheaper option if you were looking for cheap skateboards.

Best cheap skateboard

Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard

cheap skateboards
Build7-ply Maple
Deck31″ x 8″
Wheels 99A


  • Cal 7 complete skateboard comes with a 1-year brand warranty that covers all manufacturing faults, which if you are quality conscious is a good add-on.
  • Additionally, the board is made from 7 plies of maple wood which means more durability and protection.
  • The board offers an end-to-end 80AB grip tap not only offers traction but also protects the deck if you are a bit heavy.
  • Moreover, the board has aluminum trucks that are lightweight and durable. This will make you go much faster without compromising the quality of the skateboard.
  • Lastly, ABEC 7 rated bearings mean that the skateboard has more smoothness and will make it easier for you to glide.


  • Skateboard may not be able to fit in your backpack if you want to use it for your daily commute.

Cal 7 complete skateboard offers affordable, good quality skateboards with smooth wheels and sturdy trucks to offer a robust skateboarding experience. This cheap skateboard offers a concave deck, and the maple wood ensures that the skateboard is light weight and has durability. On the surface, you will find grip tape for friction and ultimately, control.

In addition to its shape, with softer 99A (52mm) wheels, you will be able to do tricks more freely and neatly than before. This board is for riding on smooth as well as rough surfaces.

You will find that Cal 7 comes in various designs which makes it suitable for all ages.

Cal 7 also offers the freedom to customize your skateboard how ever you want by giving you the option to select vinyl and color to match your style. In addition to customization options, you have the edge-to-edge black 80AB grip tap comes pre-applied which is more than welcome. If you are heavyweight, this also protects the deck from collapsing.

Additionally, the deck is includes 7 plies of pure maple wood. This ensures that the board remains stiff for a longer period. It is glued together by strong epoxy glue which makes it tough to break.

Furthermore, apart from that deck features a medium concave along with a double kicktail design. In addition, you will also discover that symmetry of the design adds to the stability and balance, keeping you on board (get it?).

Cal 7 skateboard comes with softer and broader wheels with a rating of 99A that feature polyurethane make to roll over any pebbles you encounter in the street. This also makes them softer to absorb any shocks you encounter firsthand and gives a less bumpy experience overall.

Trucks are made from aluminum. If you must ask by now, why aluminum? Because it makes trucks lightweight by keeping the durability.

Finally, bearings are rated ABEC 7 which means more smoothness than Enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard (and it’s way cheaper!).

Best electric skateboard

Meepo V3

cheap skateboards
Build 8-ply Maple
Deck 38″ x 9″


  • The price tag makes it extremely affordable, making it the best skateboard for beginners and pros alike and the electric skateboard delivers value for money in all regards considering the competition.
  • Secondly, the increased speed of 28mph and 4 modes to control the speed makes it ideal for riders of all skill levels.
  • Likewise, the steeper hill climb makes it an attractive option (30% grade).
  • Regenerative braking is perhaps the most important thing to consider when deciding about getting this board. Not only is it a cutting-edge feature, highly differentiating it from some of the best skateboards on the market, it is also environment friendly.
  • Moreover, you can kick push the board if you run out of battery as it will not choke and can be used as a normal skateboard.
  • Finally, the weight limit of 330lbs (150kgs) makes it suitable for riders from all walks of life.


  • You don’t have the option of an extra wheel with Meepo V3, which means that you cannot ride this on rougher surfaces.
  • Carving is also difficult on this board as it is built for daily usage and does not focus on carving as much.

The best-selling product by the Meepo brand by far and considering the time Meepo crew spent on this one, it is worth it.

The Meepo V3 is one of the best skateboards for beginners and also for riders who are looking to take electric skateboarding to the next level. Besides, it is a great skateboard on the low side of the piece spectrum, making it a cheap skateboard for under $500, considering its electric.

The board has 4 built-in modes and a top speed of 28mph, combined with two 540W hub motors to provide you a stronger torque, faster top speed along a reliable braking mechanism when required.

Furthermore, the board has an 8-ply Canadian maple wood deck which provides you with the stability that is required when riding on rough and bumpy roads or when going fast to reduce the risk of falling. The stability offered is more than what is offered with most conventional skateboards so you know you are covered.

The length of the deck is 38 inches so you have enough room to maneuver the board and to adjust your footing to however you like.

The deck is built to last. It can support weight up to 330lbs (150kgs) so even if you are heavyweight you can ride easily without worrying about damaging your board.

Speed is not an issue for Meepo V3. This also increases the climbing grade as the board can climb even steeper hills (30% grade). However, this is also dependent on your weight as going uphill with more weight can damage the motor in the long run.

The battery has a range of about 11 miles which is sufficient if you are looking to use the board for daily commute as well as running errands. The battery takes about 3 hours to recharge which can be a hassle (especially if you forget to plug it in at night!).

Another plus is the regenerative braking which charges the board whenever you brake. Although you must avoid going downhill on a full charge as the brakes won’t work to protect the battery.

However, if you were to run out of battery, the board won’t choke and you can kick push the board instead of carrying it around.

Furthermore, what makes it the best skateboard on this list is the fact that it comes with a 6-month brand warranty to cover any manufacturing defects. Meepo claims the Meepo V3 has the lowest defect rate but does not provide us with the evidence to substantiate this claim.

Now that we have discussed the best skateboards category-wise, let carry on with our list.

1. Minority 32-inch Maple Skateboard

best cheap skateboards
Build 7-ply Maple
Deck32″ x 8″
Wheels 102A (52mm)


  • The board is made from solid, heavy hard rock maple wood. This means the board can take a few hits before going down.
  • It is an undeniable fact that the skateboard overall is made from top-notch materials, the quality of which is tough to beat, to say the least. This makes skateboarding even more fun, no matter if you are a beginner or a pro.
  • Besides you can reach a high speed with just 3 paddles with this skateboard. That is quick if you must know.
  • The hard wheels deliver when called upon, one of the most, if not the most positive skateboarding experience ever.
  • Overall, this skateboard guarantees that you are getting the best value for money and is also one of the most affordable options when you consider cheap skateboards.


  • Where tricks are concerned, this skateboard falls short. Sure, there is no problem in doing them, but this will reduce the life of the skateboard overall.
  • You may also feel the need to swap the bushings every couple of months.
  • Wheels also need cleaning frequently after use.

Minority 32-inch maple skateboard claims the top spot for good reason. From the board’s design to the parts, it includes first-class engineering and the best materials that can stand most wear-and-tear that may occur.

First, the deck itself is 32 inches long and 8 inches wide and can hold up to 220lbs (100kgs) as it is made from 7-ply hard rock maple wood. This combined with grip tape for traction is a very welcome add-on for this cheap skateboard.

It is a fact that more than ever, budget-friendly boards have softer wheels that offer better grip and control. Minority’s Maple offers the complete opposite. It comes with 102A (52mm) polyurethane wheels that are incredibly hard and perfect for riding fast. Likewise, you can feel the speed with this skateboard by pushing it merely 3 times.

ABEC-9 bearings which are made from chrome steel truly differentiate the product from the rest and develop it into the best skateboard we know so far.

The 5-inch trucks that come with 78A Polyurethane Bushings give you a lightweight base and a high rebound which is perfect when you need more airtime and as they say, “Fast speed is half success for tricks” (they say a lot don’t they?).

Finally, each skateboard comes with a customized design, making it range from vintage to trendy. This is an easy choice for a gift.

The main reason that Minority tops the chart is the value it delivers when compared with other brands in terms of quality and price when compared.

2. Gentle Monster 31×8 Complete Skateboard

best cheap skateboards
Build9-ply Maple
Deck31″ x 8″
Wheels 54mm


  • 9-ply Canadian maple wood deck absorbs most of the shocks you receive while skateboarding and increases the control you have.
  • Gentle Monster 31×7 is designed for skateboarders of all levels as it will you with the stability that beginners, as well as pros, need.
  • In addition to a great design, it is easy to carry and comes with a bag to carry the skateboard, making it an easy choice for running errands and cruising around on campus.
  • Wheels light up in the dark providing you with more style than your skateboarding peers and adding to the fun.
  • Furthermore, the board arrives pre-assembled which will save you the effort of assembling beforehand. Still, repair parts are included if anything needs fixing and can be adjusted according to your skateboarding style.
  • Offers value for money.


  • If you have specialized uses for your skateboard such as freeriding, carving, and cruising, then you are going to be disappointed because although this skateboard is built for all levels of skateboarders, this is not a specialized skateboard, as it is developed by keeping the needs of everyday riders in mind.

Gentle monster 31-inch is built by keeping the needs of an everyday skateboarder in mind. Whether you are looking for general cruising around the streets or doing tricks at your local skate park, this one will do. Gentle Monster is for riders of all levels and ages, ranging from kids above 8 years to adults.

Additionally, the skateboard that you will receive is a complete skateboard that is ready to take to the task however you see fit. Its also easy to carry around and arrives with a bag to store your skateboard, making it easy to run errands and cruising around campus.

The skateboard offers a double kick concave design and makes it easy to control and balance. This is extremely helpful if you are a beginner and getting a hang of the basics, this will more than boost your confidence. This will also help if you are learning new basic tricks such as 360°.

It has a 9-ply maple wood deck, unlike most good skateboards that use 7 plies, meaning that the board can take more than a few hits and has the grip and stability required to make your skateboarding experience flawless. The maximum weight supported is, however, 220lbs (around 100kgs).

The deck is also equipped with a high-density emery non-slip grip tape, ensuring that your feet are in prime position for stunts and tricks while staying in balance.

Graphics on the deck are not pasted, but rather heat transferred (printed or so to say) which are determined to last as long as the deck itself (unless you are determined to take it off). This can be a put-off, primarily because of the limited designs available with Gentle Monster.

The 54mm wheels are hard and add more to the speed. This also makes it easier for you to glide on the skateboard.

The board also features ABEC-7 bearings, which makes the experience smooth and provides control back to the riders. The wheels also glow in the dark giving your skateboard a very desirable look and feel.

Overall, you will receive value for your money as the skateboard is on the lower side of the price spectrum. It also delivers great quality that is expected from some of the best skateboards.

3. KPC Pro Skateboard Complete

best cheap skateboards
Build7-ply Maple
Deck32″ x 8″
Wheels 99A (52mm)


  • You can ride the skateboard as soon as it arrives and don’t have to worry about the hassles of assembling the skateboard before riding it.
  • It is an affordable option without a compromise on the quality, provided that better skateboards are available, this one is more suited towards pros.
  • Moreover, the deck offers great pop making it better for tricks. It is a board that is admired by skateboarding devotees and pros alike.
  • The design and the overall build of the board are not just for pros. This skateboard as a stand-alone without further customizations can also cater to beginners who are just starting and need a durable as well as a cheap skateboard.


  • The wheels can be tricky to adjust to if you upgrade your board and were previously used to either smoother or stiff wheels. This means that you will either have to adjust or have to replace the wheels after getting the skateboard which can be problematic for some riders.
  • The grip of the board is known to be a bit weak which is a real drawback, especially when you consider other skateboards that are available in a similar price range (under $50).

This skateboard is commonly associated with pro skateboarders and is the best skateboard if you are looking to grow out of your beginner board. This Krown skateboard arrives assembled and ready to ride straight out of the box.

Also, the Canadian maple deck is wider and stronger as it measures around 8-inch in width and 32-inch in length. This pro skateboard also features a modern concave which is not the best for comfort but provides more pop.

You will feel the levelness with its 99A (52mm) polyurethane wheels while riding. Put together with ABEC-7 bearings, you will be able to balance yourself perfectly.

Besides, with KPC Pro you have a variety of graphics and colors at your disposal to choose from. On the top side, there is 80-grit grip tape that is sturdy enough to hold you in place and can also carry heavy riders while protecting the board at the same time.

This is a cheap skateboard and has durability along with a great deck with an attractive design. So don’t forget about this one when deciding on the best skateboard.

4. Element Section Complete Skateboard 7.75-inch

Element Skateboard Section Complete
Build7-ply Maple
Deck31.5″ x 7.75″
Wheels 78A (60mm)


  • The size of the skateboard is ideal for riders of every age whether pro or beginner.
  • The decks are built strong and offer total control and much-needed grip, especially when skating on rough surfaces.
  • Similarly, the simplicity of the graphics adds to the appeal.
  • Lastly, softer wheels offer a less bumpy ride and make it easier to maneuver the skateboard.


  • Firstly, The exclusiveness of the design may not be for all riders. The lack of multiple designs available can be a letdown.
  • Customization can cost a lot, especially if you don’t know exactly what you need and where to get it from. Although customization is available for the skateboards mentioned above as well, it should not be discussed for a skateboard that is priced on the high side of the spectrum.

Element is a well-recognized brand among the skateboarding community and rightly so. These boards have a ton of pop and this one is no different. It’s not too big nor too small, therefore it is ideal for skateboarders at any skill level. You can conveniently skate pool, vert, street, or park with this awesome skateboard. This is an easy option when talking about some best skateboards you will find.

The decks offered by Element offer great value and find little or debate when discussed among the skateboarding community. It’s deck size of 7.75-inch in width and 31.5-inch in length is suitable for kids and adults alike.

Besides, the deck is made from 7 plies of maple wood and is great for doing tricks and providing a comfortable ride. It will probably wear out faster when/if you do grinding and flips. But that’s how it goes with every skateboard and is not just about Element Skateboards. The simple yet cool graphics are an additional add-on that is more than welcome.

What’s more, is that you can customize this board in any way you want. You have the option to completely dissect the skateboard and then put it back however you like.

Finally, the wheels are 78A (60mm), which makes them ideal for uneven surfaces including asphalt. The super-soft wheels give more stability to the board and make it easy to turn. But these are not suitable if you are looking for more speed. This hampers your ability of performing tricks (harder wheels like the 90A are also available). The softer bushings of the skateboard will also take some time to break into.

5. Santa Cruz Flame Dot

best skateboard for beginners
Build7-ply Maple
Deck32″ x 8.25″
Wheels 99A (53mm)


  • This skateboard is suitable for all riding styles. From freeriding to cruising to going downhill. Although it is better to have a longboard, especially where going downhill is concerned, this one also gets the job done.
  • Wheels and bearings are medium-paced. These are neither too soft nor too hard, unless you are willing to customize the skateboard, it will get you ready for the rough roads and has the durability to stay with you when you are.
  • Moreover, the 7-ply Canadian maple wood deck increases the life of the board, and if you are not into grinding and flips it is sure to stay that way.
  • Santa Cruz offers tons of customization options, leaving you with various options when you decide to upgrade or replace the parts.
  • Overall, the skateboard has lightweight parts that hold in place and deliver on the price tag, as expected. This also makes the skateboard easier to carry, if you are looking for a mode of daily or usual commute.


  • The size of the skateboard is long, making it difficult to maneuver for kids. This increases the risk of falling (which is not a great thing, considering kids).
  • Customization can also be a headache. You can feel bombarded with a lot of stuff and may not know what to get (consider involving a skater friend in this case to reduce your anxiety).
  • Lastly, Factory assembled skateboards can take the fun out of skateboarding for some who like to assemble the skateboard themselves.

Santa Cruz Flame Dot is from one of the top brands in the market, Santa Cruz Skateboards. This one is perfect if you are learning how to ride a skateboard. This is primarily due to the wheels, which are 99A (53mm) PU.

Another reason is that it is food for beginners; this authentic skateboard arrives factory assembled. It means can easily get down to business (that is skateboarding I hope) straight away.

The deck is made from 7-ply maple wood. This makes it tough enough to resist more than a few bumps down the street (or skate parks) and Santa Cruz offers a variety of graphics for you to choose from.

Furthermore, the size of the deck is 8.25-inch in width and 32-inch in height. This makes the skateboard more stable and greatly enhances your experience for both; street and the park.

The bushing on the other hand is a different story. At 90A, these may need a further tweak depending on your weight to be more suited to your liking.

Further, the skateboard has ABEC 5 steel bearing that also assists in reducing the bumps and shock. This delivers a smooth rolling experience overall.

6. Powell Peralta Golden Dragon

best skateboard for beginners
Build7-ply Maple
Deck 31.625″ x 7.625″
Wheels 99A (54mm)


  • Powell Peralta Golden Dragon has a polymeric strip that prevents it from breaking when the skateboard has a crack. This increases the life of the board.
  • Wheels have high rebound which leads to better control and further ensures that you can pull off specialized tricks without a fall. This is also a great addition for beginners who seek better control to improve their balance.
  • Powell Peralta is known for high-quality construction and the board comes factory tested.
  • Moreover, the brand offers a lifetime warranty for the skateboard in case of any manufacturing defect. This ensures total perfection and increases value for money.


  • Wheels may come off as too hard for some riders and too soft for others. Personally, the wheels are a sort of in-between. They are neither too hard nor too soft which although is ideal for beginners, can prove to be a hindrance for pros who have grown accustomed to a particular way of skateboarding.
  • Additionally, Limited graphic options are available with this skateboard and this can be a problem if you seek a variation. You may wish to customize the board later on but this will set you back a few more $ which, honestly, you shouldn’t have to.

This board is for riders of all ages and sizes, pros and beginners alike. However, due to its size, it is not a decent option for kids under the age of 8. This one truly offers a dream ride at a reasonable price, therefore making it onto our best skateboards list.

First thing to appreciate is that the deck has an extra polymeric strap instead of 3 straps in the original ligament. This holds the deck together even if there is a crack, preventing it from breaking.

The deck is 7.625-inch in width and 31.625-inch in length. The skateboard has some of the most stunning graphics which make it great to watch. Similarly, on the top side you will find it covered in grip tape, increasing your control over the board.

Powell Peralta Golden Dragon has polyurethane 99A (54mm) wheels that provide great grip along with a high rebound. The brand also makes its smooth trucks measuring 7.625-inch.

The skateboard derives its strength from steel axles and kingpins. This makes the skateboard not only easy to control but its also easier to glide.

Powell Peralta skateboards come factory tested so you do not have to worry about the quality of these boards. Furthermore, the skateboard has a lifetime warranty which protects it against any manufacturing defect, making it truly the best skateboard.

7. Alien Workshop Spectrum 7.25 – 8.75

best skateboard for beginners
Build7-ply Maple
Deck32.25″ x 8.25″
Wheels 97A (52mm)


  • The maple wood decks are sturdy enough to last long without too much effort.
  • The variety of decks offered to make it one of a kind as it is suitable if you are lighter or heavier not to mention your age which will make it a very feasible option when considering the best skateboard.
  • Moreover, the softer wheels offer more control and make it easy for beginners who are learning how to skate a skateboard. This also makes it ideal for pro skateboarders who skate streets.
  • The entire focus of the skateboard is towards being lighter in weight while facilitating skateboarders no matter their weight, height, age, or skill level which is nice to see when you consider the broad spectrum.
  • The options available when choosing the graphics of the skateboard are more than welcome and can be tough to call these a pass.


  • You may need to replace a few parts if it is not suited to your style of skateboarding which can be tiresome, not to mention expensive.

Alien Workshop produces some of the best skateboards with top-notch quality. Alien Workshop Spectrum 7.25 – 8.75 has the advantage that it comes in not 2 but in 4 different sizes:

  1. 7.25-inch x 29.60-inch
  2. 7.88-inch x 31.50-inch
  3. 8.25-inch x 32.25-inch
  4. 8.75-inch x 32.25-inch

This ensures that the skateboard satisfies riders of all weight types and ages (above the age of 8 years). The 7-ply Canadian maple wood build means the board is strong and sturdy enough to stay with you for long.

Moving on, the graphics of the skateboard are alluring, to say the least. Further, various graphics are available to choose from, meaning you can choose what you like without having to spend more. Moreover, on the top side, you will find that the board is covered with grip tape.  This allows for more control while making it easier to turn.

The 97A (52mm) wheels are soft and smooth, absorbing most of the shocks without too much bounce. Also, you will notice that these are softer and resultantly will be more forgiving on the rough roads. This makes them ideal for street skateboarding. However, this softness will lead to a compromise in the overall speed of the skateboard.

The Xenia trucks that arrive with it are suitable for beginners but consist of soft bushings. You may need to tighten these a few times.

8. Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

best electric skateboard
Build7-ply Maple
Deck 30″ x 8″
Wheels 80A


  • Hiboy S11 offers great value for money and is an easy option if you want to get a gist of what an electric skateboard has to offer, although there are skateboards that offer, for instance; lower recharge time, this is also reflected in the price.
  • 4 brakes and ride modes make it an attractive choice. Not only that, the transition among these modes while riding also makes it a safer option.
  • Skateboard is user-friendly. This is mainly due to the wireless remote control being comfort-built which makes the transition between different modes easy.
  • Its lighter built does not interfere with the solid construction of the skateboard that can support up to 220lbs (100kgs).
  • The lighter skateboard is also easy to carry, making it an ideal choice for daily commute.


  • The battery timing. This is one of the biggest put-offs for this skateboard. Not only does it take more than 2 hours to recharge, but it also offers less battery timing when compared with other electric skateboards.

Electric skateboards are not that far behind and our list could not be complete without mentioning at least one.

While considering electric skateboards, Hiboy is among the cheap skateboards you will come across. If you are looking to get into electric skateboarding and want to try it out before going all in. It is a great option for beginners. It is also safer due to the variation between 4 ride and brake modes to switch between.

Furthermore, it is perfect to ride around campus and use for daily commute. Although it is not for competition, but is user-friendly and easier to handle.

The skateboard weighs 7.94lbs (3.60kgs), making it easier to carry and transport. However, this does not mean that it lacks a solid structure to carry you around. Just the opposite, as it can carry up to 220lbs (100kgs).

S11 also comes with a regenerative braking system that charges the battery of the board from kinetic energy. The board absorbs this energy and recharges the battery. This is also the coolest way to conserve power.

Furthermore, the skateboard has a 350W single hub motor which can accelerate the skateboard up to 12.4mph (20kph). It takes about 2.5 hours for the battery to recharge. On a single charge, you can travel up to 6.2 miles (10 kilometers). This distance will increase if you ride at cruising speed.

Moreover, the deck is 30-inch in length giving the rider enough room to comfortably maneuver the skateboard. The 80A polyurethane wheels offer a comfortable ride by absorbing shocks that come along with skateboarding. These wheels are even softer than the ones that come with a conventional skateboard. However, this is to protect the electric of the board,

9. Arbor Pilsner

Arbor Collective
Build7-ply Maple
Deck28.75″ x 8.125″
Wheels 78A (54mm)


  • The 7-ply maple wood deck offers stability and longevity that is to be expected from an Arbor board.
  • The softer wheel setup gives you more grip and Ace trucks made it easier to maneuver the skateboard and assist you when doing ollies or grinding.


  • The graphics of the deck may not be for everyone as it offers something different from other skateboard brands.
  • The skateboard is priced on the higher side of the spectrum which can be a deal-breaker if you are not willing to break the bank.

Arbor brand has great reputation among the skating community for their longboards and cruisers. With a focus on street skateboarding, this skateboard is ideal for both, street and the park. It does not matter if you are a pro or just starting, you simply cannot miss this one.

The deck is of 7-ply maple wood which ensures the quality and longevity of the board. The deck also features a medium to low concave. This lowers you further to the ground and further add to the stability of the skateboard.

The graphics give off a classier vibe when compared to other brands that give off a cooler vibe.

Wheel setup of 78A (54mm) leans the board more towards a super soft setup. This means you will have a comfortable ride (unless it’s a cannonball coming your way, then you’re on your own). The softer wheels also add to the stealth of the board

In addition to the wheels, the board arrives with Paris trucks. These are very durable and support cruisers and longboards. Moreover, they can also handle grinds and ollies and will withstand almost anything. However, this board is not for going all out, like the trucks state.

The bushings of the skateboard are softer so you may want to tighten the trucks a few times.

This is a great setup if you need something stable or if you skate street.

10. POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard

best electric skateboard
Deck32.125″ x 8.0″
Wheels 99A (54mm)


  • The POSITIV brand sources its materials to manufacture the skateboard which should ensure you that the quality of the skateboard is top-class.
  • In addition to its materials, it has K12 concave reduces the weight of the skateboard without losing the pop.
  • Wheels ensure good grip as POSITIV Super High Rebound offers increases both; the control and the airtime of the skateboard.
  • Moreover, different sizes of the skateboard are available which is a plus as you can receive that skateboard that fits you the best.
  • POSITIV Team skateboard offers value for money as it is not too pricy to land in the high end of the price spectrum. Besides, the skateboard is easy to maneuver and gives a smooth ride.


  • Too many slides can scrap the surface of the skateboard. So, to increase the life of the board you will need to reduce the number of slides. Which means it’s not for everyone.

POSITIV manufactures its skateboards so you know you will receive a quality board.

The deck features either a maple or birch build, depending on demanding specifications. AirLam fuses the multiple plies of wood using waterproof glue. The bottom of the board is also coated with an SST slide treatment which improves the length of slides. 4 deck sizes are available:

  1. 8.00-inch x 32.125-inch
  2. 7.75-inch x31.75-inch
  3. 7.88-inch x 31.67-inch
  4. 7.50-inch x 31.375-inch

Furthermore, the deck offers K12 concave. This means it has a double kick nose with an extra deep concave that makes the deck stiff. This reduces the thickness and weight without compromising the pop.

The 99A (54mm) wheels are neither too hard nor soft which makes it ideal for streets as well as parks. Besides, these POSITIV Super High Rebound Wheels are ideal for more airtime and better control of the skateboard.

With this board, you will get a decent amount of grip. It also absorbs most of the shocks that you are likely to receive.


Whether choosing the best skateboard or a cheap skateboard, the first thing is to know what it is you are looking for before you make a decision.

If you are a beginner, you should opt for a board from a credible skateboard brand. It is preferable to get a board that is pre-assembled. This way you can avoid the hassle, especially if you do not know how to assemble a skateboard.

Alternatively, if you know what you are doing, you should opt for an un-assembled board. You can also order different parts online. For instance, you can order different wheels and can replace them back and forth.

In the end, it is all down to what you will be using the board for.

We hope that you can now make a better decision for yourself. Let us know in the comments below what you think.

If you wish to check out more of these boards, try Amazon!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best brand for skateboards?

The most renowned brands for skateboards include:
1. Element Skateboards
2. Plan B Skateboards
3. Zero Skateboards
4. Girl Skateboards
5. Santa Cruz Skateboards
6. Baker Skateboards
7. Alien Workshop
8. Blind Skateboards
9. Creature Skateboards
10. Birdhouse Skateboards

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